Monday, June 14, 2010

The three most effective teeth whitening methods

Most people think brushing is an effective teeth whitening method. The truth is, no matter how hard or how often you brush, you cannot simply get rid of the discoloration on your teeth. Having discolored teeth may make you seem that you do not care about your oral hygiene. Teeth discoloration may actually be caused by a number of things besides poor hygiene. Coffee and tea, two widely popular beverages, are known to leave residues that stain the teeth. Red wine can cause yellowing of the teeth. Smoking is habit that is sure to discolor your teeth. Some medications, like tetracyclines, can also stain your pearly whites. Trauma, diseases, dental materials, genetics and the environment are possible culprits. But usually, teeth discoloration is just a part of growing old. Your teeth naturally become discolored as you age.

Fortunately, there are many teeth whitening methods. There are methods that may be applied at home that usually involve the use of dental trays and whitening gels. However, these are not nearly as effective as professional in-office teeth whitening. Using home whitening kits are also risky. You could suffer from chemical burns or from irritation of your mouth's soft tissues and your gums if you do not use these kits correctly. Home whitening kits may also reduce your teeth's enamel.

The best whitening methods are applied in a dentist's office. They are safer and are found to be far more effective than home whitening kits. Below are the top three in-office teeth whitening methods:

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